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Epilepsy in Dogs – Symptoms and Treatment

In humans epilepsy is a serious condition. So is for the dogs. They have this disease also and they can find it difficult to deal with. Epileptic seizures can appear. Usually the dogs that are between 1 and 3 years tend to develop this problem more often. It is a serious illness and it must be treated as such.

One can not stop an epileptic attack from happening but it can be kept under control. Some of the solutions are to feed the dog the best food, do some regular exercises with him and give him various vitamins and nutritional supplements to help his immune system. One can not confuse this illness with just a regular one because it is not. Do not give the dog cheap food as it has food preservatives that can be harmful and they can cause other seizures.


Seizures are the most common symptoms. Besides that the mood swings and the behavior changes follow. You will see that the dog will start to hide himself from the world, drool and also vomit.  He can even lose control over his bladder. Some dogs even lose consciousness and have pretty violent muscle contractions.

You will also notice stiffening in the legs, teeth gnashing and some vocalizations. The dog will also become thirsty, a bit disoriented and in many cases, sleepy. Usually after a seizure the symptoms disappear.

Epilepsy Treatment

This is one of those diseases that can not be cured but only managed. Certain medication solution can reduce the seriousness of the disease. You must take the dog to the veterinarian and monitor its condition all the times. You must be patient and follow the doctor's advice. The disease can be managed and it is up to you to find the ways to do that.

Many dogs that have this illness live a good and comfortable life. Your dog can do that too. Do not be scared when it is having a seizure because it will pass. Normally a seizure episode takes about half an hour. It will disappear after that. It is very important that you keep the dog safe and warm when it is having a seizure. You must not prohibit him to vomit. The dog must feel that he is loved even if he is getting vomit on the carpet. Otherwise he will also be scared when having a seizure and that will only complicate matters.

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