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Flights To Karachi Pakistan And The Beach Party At Karachi

The ex-capital city of Pakistan, Karachi has the brand name of the city of lights and illuminations. It is the busiest city of Pakistan as it enjoys hundreds of opportunities of business and trade. The big ports of Karachi that is the Karachi Port and Port Qasim are the trade center for country and Middle East and hundreds of investors and millionaires globally get flights to Karachi to look for new business and money making prospects.

Karachi is an energetic beach town, having multiples of golden sandy beaches, grand shopping malls, old time's buildings, lively nightlife and much more of tourists' interests and many families around the globe book cheap flights to Karachi to spend their entertaining vacations in Karachi.

Hawke's Bay Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Karachi offering many fun activities picnic, fishing, swimming, and camel and horse riding. It is the favorite picnic place of people of Pakistan and they reserve cheap flights to Karachi excitedly to have their summer vacations trip there. In the months of June to September it gets overcrowded as the schools are off for summer vacations. The beach also has the green aquatic turtles which are one of the infrequent reptiles' species. Many scientists and experimenters also book flights to Karachi to examine and study these reptiles.

Sandspit Beach is the most popular hangout spot in Karachi, enjoys a rich marine life like algae, crabs etc. Tourists enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the one-dimensional water of the beach, if you also get there by flights to Karachi then taking out some hours to have picnic there is must. The beach has odd rocky formation. The beach water is still from October to March and gets rough in the rainy seasons.

Karachi trip is incomplete with out the Clifton beach. There is built a striking fountain on the sea which gets more glorious with the use of white lights. In the evening time, the sun setting in the Arabian Sea is just a mind blowing sight and many artists and photographers get the flights to Karachi just to capture the scene and complete their art album. Besides that it also features amusement park, food shops, horse riding and small stalls selling many handiwork items made of sea shells.
Paradise Point is the beach located by the Arabian Sea. The sandstone rock outcrop with a natural curve is the beauty of the site. Many visitors purchase flights to Karachi Pakistan never forget to be there. The beach holds many attractions like horse and camel riding, parks, bistro, and swimming opportunities.

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