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What To Do with All Those Bean Bag Babies

Is your child wild about Bean Bag Babies?Do you find them all over the house and don't know what to do with all of them?Well, here is a great activity that your kids will love, and that can solve the Bean Bag Baby piles in the house.
Organizing and displaying these little guys can be a real pain, but a Bean Bag Baby Holder can make all the difference.
Here is what you will need to get started: o 18x36 inch piece of felt (or however long you want the holder to be) o One Plastic clothes hanger o Craft glue or a glue gun o Fabric scraps in various colors o Heavy books or other flat weights o Glitter, buttons, lace, etc.
for decoration This is so simple that you will want to get your kids involved.
Most kids love to make houses, clothes, and holders for their toys, so this holder for their Bean Bag Babies will be great fun.
To begin, spread the 18x36 inch piece of felt on a flat surface such as your kitchen table, and then set the plastic hanger at one end of the felt.
The hook of the hanger should hang off one of the 18" sides so that the rest of the hanger is resting on the felt.
Next, you or your child can spread glue on both of the felt corners that lay on either side of the hanger's hook (it is not advisable to allow our children to use a hot glue gun until they are of an age that is conscious of the heat produced by the gun).
Make sure to spread the glue all along the sides of these corners until you reach where the hanger rests on the felt.
Now take the corners and fold them over the shoulders of the hanger so that they touch back to the felt.
Press hard on the felt to adhere the glue and place heavy books over the felt to allow the glue to dry.
Before you continue, make sure the glue is completely dry.
The next part of making your holder is to cut out however pieces of fabric for the number of pockets you want the holder to have.
Each should be at least 5-6 inches squared in order to fit a Bean Bag Baby inside.
Turn the felt over so the glued corners are now on the bottom and you only see the hook of the hanger coming out the top of the felt.
Arrange each piece of fabric on the felt in a pattern that suites you or your child.
Spread glue along the sides and bottom of the back of each piece of fabric and press them to the desired place on the felt.
Again, take heavy books or some other weight and place them on top of the pockets to allow for drying.
When everything is dry, it is time to decorate.
This is the point in the project when the kid should really take over to make the project his or her own.
Let them use glitter, beads, buttons, string, paint, or whatever you wish to create a decorative masterpiece.
When they are all done, each Bean Bag Baby will have a pocket to live in, and the hanger can hang in the closet or anywhere in the room for display.
What a creative way to show off their collection!

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