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How to Get Funding for School Activities

    Getting School Funding

    • 1). Determine in advance what type of activities the school would like to make accessible to students. Have meetings to brainstorm different activities and explore the benefits and detriments of each activity.

    • 2). Form a committee by identifying a group of teachers who are willing to work toward obtaining funding for the selected activities. Some teachers might be on the committee because they are strong writers or speakers. Others might join the committee because they will be involved in teaching or supervising the activity.

    • 3). Research the cost of the activity to determine whether it is within the school budget.

    • 4). Explore whether there are grants available that could supplement the activity. Read the requirements for the grant carefully and identify the deadlines to ensure that the grant application will be timely.

    • 5). Collaborate with the committee and write the grant proposal. Make sure to submit it with all necessary documentation.

    • 6). Practice presenting arguments supporting your desire to get the grant because some grants require presentations. The committee can brainstorm questions about the application that might be asked at the grant presentation.

    • 7). Make your presentation and answer any questions that might be asked. Upon receipt of the grant, use it to fund the desired activity.

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