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Are Yeast Infections Contagious?

Yeast infections are considered to be contagious when you have sexual contact with your partner especially when your partner is suffering from vaginal or penis yeast infections.
It is always better not to have any sexual intercourse when you are suffering from any yeast problems or if not at least have a well protected sex by having condoms during this period of time.
If your infection is transmitted to your partner, it is very likelihood that the infection will pass to and fro if sexual activities continue.
Some people are scared to share a common toilet with their friends or family members when they found out suffering from yeast infections.
The fact is, it is not contagious through using the same toilet or sitting on the same toilet seat cover.
At the same time, yeast infection is not an airborne disease that can transmit through air, hence you will not get yeast infection by talking to yeast sufferers.
Symptoms of yeast infections can be quite obvious.
For the female, they will feel burning sensation or pain during urinating, unpleasant smell, whitish discharge, itchiness, redness and swelling on their vulva.
For the male, they will experience itchiness, irritation on penile forehead, cracking on the skin of the penis, pain and red or white bumps.
Yeast infection is not a disease that is deadly and it is quite common.
If it is detected early, it can be easily cured as the condition may still be quite mild.
To prevent the yeast problems from becoming a chronic case, treat it immediately.
Chronic cases can be quite troublesome and it is not so easily treated by any yeast creams or oral medications.
I have heard some cases that people who totally ignored this problem can suffer for months or years.
Overlooking your yeast infections may cause more worries.
Instead of avoiding, face it and get rid of your enemy.
If you are too embarrassed to see a doctor, try Home Remedies For Yeast Infection.

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