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Titleist MB 712 Irons Are Not Suitable for Me

It is said that a player who has played 710 MB Irons before won't feel much difference from the 712 MBs. However, i found the 712 MB Iron was not what i expect. I feel like they just don't go as far as my previous 710s. Maybe the main reason is the satin finish being softer than the chrome on the 710's. Many famous pros who use the clubs give them good feedback, such as Rory McIlroy, Geoff Ogilvy and Rickie Fowler. So the 712 MB Irons may suit for your game.

Titleist MB irons are traditional forged blades that offer solid feel, contemporary looks and advanced shot control for the highly skilled golfer. However, these clubs aren't for the feint-hearted, as with all blades they are built specifically for low handicap golfers who look for more control from their clubs. Compared to the previous version the Titleist MB 712 irons have a nicer satin finish that looks a little more contemporary than the previous polished chrome look. Titleist have updated the cosmetics with a new satin chrome finish. The sole design was also been updated by taking a little bit of the trailing edege.

If you are a single handicap golfer, then the MP 712's would be a set of blade irons that you want to be seriously considering. It allows you to control your spin properly. it also provides modern playability, a benefit resulting from more than thirty years of player research and development, engineering innovation, and advances in manufacturing processes.

When standing over the ball the club looks nice, there is zero offset, you are instantly going to feel confident with these clubs. The Titleist MB 712 irons do look good, the sole has been improved slightly it features a shorter head, which you won't see from the competitors blades. Also if you have been debating the idea of blades because you are not sure if you can handle the forgiveness factor, I would say that the forgiveness is just fine with the newer blades. Just get out there and give them a smack! Shots from these irons feel very soft and controlled, the shape of the trajectory is good, a nice true flight, very much what you would expect from a set of Titleist irons.

I am very impressed with the look, finish and feel of these irons. However i do not think it is the right one for me. So i suggest you to have a try of these irons before you buy them. It is not suitable for me, that doen't mean it does not a good set. If you are in the market for choose blades, then you can consider this set.

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