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Ideas for Earth Tone Living Room Decorations

    Country Theme

    • A country-themed living room goes very well with earth tones. Decorate with a brown or beige couch, and accent the room with wooden tables, brown candles and artwork that enhances the country theme. Images of bison or horses are great for emphasizing the earth tones of a country-themed room. Add a lightly patterned rug to the room that complements the earth tones as well; shades of green go very well with earth-tone decorations.

    Shades of Red

    • Earth tones and rose colors go very well together. Accent an earth-toned living room with bursts of red in many shades, from a light rose to deep burgundy. Add red pillows, candles and even curtains to an earth-toned room to pull all of the shades together. Put a dark brown couch in the room to add a deep earth tone that helps make the reds stand out.


    • Decorating a room with antique flair is a great way to add individuality to an earth-toned living room. Antiques often contain many earth tones, especially older furniture and artwork, and the age of antiques will create a unique atmosphere. Accent the room with antique wood furniture, retro antique posters in dark wooden picture frames and old lamps. An earth-toned living room provides a good setting for decorating with antiques, which will look great in the living room without overwhelming it.

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