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GM Chrome Exhaust Tips

    Pilot Chrome Exhaust Tip

    • Add the finishing touch to your Chevrolet car or truck with Pilot's chrome exhaust tip. The tip is style in the shape of the famous bowtie logo of Chevrolet. Made from stainless steel, Pilot's tip will not corrode. The tip can be customized in either a chrome or black nickel finish to suit personal taste. The Pilot exhaust tip is simple to install on the exhaust system already in place. It slots onto the pipe and is bolted or welded into place. The Pilot exhaust tip is only suitable for gas vehicles, as diesel engines produce too much heat for the tip to handle.

    1987-1991 Sprint

    • Walker, a brand name of the Tenneco worldwide corporation, produces a range of exhaust tips for GM's Chevrolet range of vehicles. The 1987 to 1991 Sprint exhaust tip is designed to fit the Chevrolet Sprint models. Including the submodels, Base, Metro and Turbo. The tip is made from aluminized steel, which is lighter to avoid a negative impact on the performance of the vehicle. The tip is finished with chrome plating to give it an increased aesthetic appeal. The exhaust tip is a direct fit for the factory installed exhaust pipes of the Sprint models.

    Performance Systems Tips

    • Performance Systems produce exhaust tips that are compatible with GM, Chevy, Dodge and Ford trucks. The tips are designed to withstand the increased heat produced by a truck or SUV engine. The Chrome Turndown engine tip is available in a range of sizes from 3.5 inches in diameter to 5 inches. The larger the diameter of the engine tips the better airflow there is. The turndown tip is angled for the opening to face the ground rather than sit facing horizontally.

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