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Supplements for Hamsters

    Vitamins and Minerals

    • Vitamin and mineral supplements come mainly in liquid vitamins you add to your hamster’s water supply and mineral blocks. Many of the mineral supplements contain calcium and phosphorus, while vitamin supplements have a host of different vitamins. One caveat with some liquid supplements is they can alter the taste of the hamster’s water, making it bitter. Make sure your hamster continues to drink an adequate supply of water if you add a liquid supplement. As long as your hamster's food contains a hearty mixture of seeds, pellets and added vitamins, you most likely do not need a vitamin or mineral supplement unless recommended by your vet.

    Fruit and Vegetables

    • Fresh fruit and vegetables are tasty supplements for hamsters, giving them additional vitamins, minerals and some variation. Each portion should be about 1 teaspoon, since hamsters hide food they do not eat immediately and fresh fruit and veggies will rot. Ideal fruit choices include bananas, grapes, oranges or apples. Veggie choices include raw broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, kale, cabbage, spinach, peas and zucchini. One caveat with fresh fruit is to remove any seeds first to make sure your pet doesn't just go for the seeds and ignore the fruit. Additionally, apple seeds can be harmful to dwarf hamsters.


    • Alfalfa or Timothy hay recreate the grass hamsters eat in the wild, while a host of other supplements will add even more variety to your pet’s diet. Some treats that are nutritious and hamsters often find delicious include sugar-free cereal, uncooked whole-wheat pasta, whole wheat bread or toast, small piece of a dog biscuit, a piece of hard-boiled egg, a dab of plain yogurt or small piece of cheese. Never add salt or butter to any hamster treats. Also keep any fresh food supplement limited to 1 teaspoon and make sure your hamster eats it immediately rather than squirreling it away to rot or mold.

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