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Catgenie 120 Reviews: DARE to HEAR from 1 Star Rating!

Note: Hello everyone, this is actually the second part of our in-depth review of the catgenie 120 automatic cat litter box entitled "Catgenie 120 Cat Litter Box: Prescriptions and Proscriptions from Real Cat Owners" which was published at our site PetSupplyConsultant.Com.The first part explored the 10 things and reasons how and why real catgenie owners rated the catgenie 120, 5 star.

Well, firstly, there had been a recent outpour of questions and inquiries concerning the catgenie 120 cat litter box.  While I tried to deeply explore and examine the features and benefits of catgenie 120 in our site at PetSupplyConsultant.Com, I was deeply concerned about the real experiences our cat owners had using the catgenie 120 cat litter box. We read the features, we weighed the benefits it promises but how about real experiences from real owners.

So what I did, I made some effort to dig and do some research concerning what real users have to say regarding their experience with the catgenie 120 automated cat litter box. And by the way, let me first acknowledge users primarily from who honestly and plainly contributed their ideas and reviews about the catgenie 120 cat litter box. All credits for the source of this article are due of them.

Well I could be making a 10-page article out of this but of course for the benefit of our readers and cat owners, in this review I wish to make it as concise as possible getting straight  to what one and the other are saying about the catgenie 120. So here it goes:

Catgenie 120 reviews: Why ONE star?! Here it goes...

1. The waste removal system can sometimes be clogged and the problem lies on the fact that sometimes, it just takes some hard work to unclog this.

2. Unfortunately, sometimes, the motor can get jammed. You can just imagine then the hassles involved to manually clean not only the cat waste but the whole thing itself.

3. Well, I personally noticed that a lot of reviewers and users have a negative feedback when it comes to customers support. I hope this has improved already, we'll see.

4. This one was so unfortunate. There was one case in which the item was broken when it arrived. What made things worse for the owner was that, the shipping cost associated with returning the item was not refunded.

5. Some technical issue here as it was observed that upon flushing, the toilet did not filled enough to flush thereby leaving some soiled water unflushed.

6. If you are so particular with the size of the catgenie 120, you might also find it a larger than you would think. The CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box measures 120 25.8 x 22.4 x 13.8 inches at 40 pounds.

7. Some cats which are large enough might also find to love playing with the granules as in some cases those granules can become trapped in between the claws and bring them along.

8. Has anyone experienced how a "heated poop" looks or smells like? Well, this case has been experienced too by one owner when the machine got stuck , the water wouldn't drain and the hot air dried or "baked" the litter.

9. At times the scooper, maybe referring to the Geniehand misses or even breaks the poop into small pieces. Same thing goes as with the number 9. The remains get baked up and phewh!

10. Well, for number 10, I reserved the right to tell anyone that some cats just don't like to use it. And truly indeed, one cat owner exclaimed that her cat just don't like to use it! Her cat just cried and even don't like to eat just avoid using the automated system. In this case, I  think I need to physically examine or probably gently "ask" the cat what's wrong with automation. At the end of the day, if that is how you cat treats your dream genie, please learn to respect its "privacy" (jokingly though!)

So that's it! I have laid down the pieces for you. Sometimes we need to also check the other side of the coin.

No matter how would you feel after reading the above reviews, I'd like to quote the following comment from one catgenie owner:

"Still not the holy grail of litter boxes, but I am hard pressed to think of any other                     automatic unit that comes as close" by "-DC".

As this article was intended to help you make a wise decision whether to buy or not the catgenie 120 cat litter box, at the end of the day, you still have the best assessment for yourself and for your cat whether to have it or not… just don't forget, a cat litter box is always a must!

I encourage you to also read the 10 reasons, why the catgenie 120 cat litter box deserved to have 5 star. The link is given above, at the beginning of this post.

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Credits for the source of this article are due to reviews and comments made by catgenie owners from

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