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Clothes Washer Will Not Start

    Electrical Problems

    • 1). Make sure the breaker switches in your home's breaker box are flipped to the "On" position. If either of the "Washer" breakers are set to "Off," the appliance is not getting the power it needs.

    • 2). Unplug the washer's cord directly into a 110-volt wall outlet -- not into an extension cord. Using an extension cord dilutes the flow of electricity to the appliance.

    • 3). Plug another device into the outlet you are using. If the other device does not work, there likely is a problem with the wall outlet. In this case, plug the washer into a different outlet or call an electrician to repair your wall outlet.

    Water Problems

    • 1). Attach both the cold and the hot water hoses to the rear of the clothes washer and to the water valves. Make sure the hoses are tight and not leaking.

    • 2). Turn on the hot and cold water valves at the wall. If these valves are not turned on, water will not flow into the washer.

    • 3). Untangle the connection hoses or move them from between the wall and the appliance if they are pinched or tangled. If water is not able to flow through the connection hoses, the washer will not receive the water supply it needs to receive to operate.

    • 4). Ensure that water is being supplied to the home by turning on a nearby faucet. If no water comes out, the problem is apparently not the washer. Did you pay your water bill?

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