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RV Surround Sound Ideas

    • Surround sound can easily be installed in an RV.rv image by Greg Pickens from

      Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are homes on wheels; with the right equipment and planning they have the ability to hold most of the amenities people have in their stationary homes. Surround sound enhances any film or television watching experience, or even just the experience of listening to music. There are a number of different ways surround sound can be channeled throughout an RV.

    Wall Mounted Speaker Systems

    • The same wall mounted surround sound speaker systems that are available for people to use in the living rooms of their homes also work for RV surround sound systems. These speakers can come with DVD players or be plugged into the backs of existing DVD players. The wires can be run along the joint between the ceiling and the wall of the RV and secured to the wall and ceiling with small nails or staples that will properly hold the wires but not significantly damage the RV's interior. The speakers can be installed at intervals along the wires. Because this method may leave a lot of visible cords running along the top of the RV and will only allow the speakers to stretch so far, this method is best for smaller RVs.

    Wireless Surround Sound

    • Wireless surround sound exists within small spaces, which makes it perfect for an RV's entertainment center. One company, called Rocketfish, has created a system that allows all sound generated by a music or DVD player or television to transmit the surround sound wirelessly to a receiver in the back, which is them connected to another whole set of speakers. This system allows you to place speakers throughout the entire RV so that no matter where you are in the RV, you can hear the sound effects from a film or music that is being played. This system is not terribly expensive and is compatible with most new existing DVD players.

    Interior Speaker Systems

    • Professionally installed surround sound speaker systems are another option that places the speakers inside the walls of the RV so that there are no visible wires and the system does not stand out. These speaker systems are seamlessly integrated into the interior of the RV and can even be installed so that they face outside the RV, allowing your music to be heard outside while you grill or relax at your campsite. However, these systems are relatively expensive and must be professionally installed. They are also expensive to upkeep and maintain if problems develop with any of the speakers because they cannot be simply taken off the wall and replaced.

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