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Fat Burning Diet Plan - Fat Loss For Idiots

I'm not a stupid person: I've got a good job, I've got a man and my IQ is well over 100 (according to an online quiz)...
however, I used to suffer with the dreaded muffin top.
I was an idiot for a long time...
trying every new diet and so-called healthy eating plan advertised in women's magazines and perhaps losing a couple of pounds, only to pig out and put it straight back on again.
Not being the shape I wanted to be really used to get me down.
I'd be reading a magazine and see a photograph of a gorgeous slim model.
Turning the page, I'd see a two page spread, which gave me a list of seven recipes and promised that if I ate them, I'd lose pounds.
Because I was unhappy with my weight, I'd convince myself that eating the seven recipes (that often contained my least favourite foods) week after week would turn me into that gorgeous slim model over the other page.
You know as well as I do, that never happened.
Now - don't get me wrong - I still don't look like that model, but I am a lot happier with my body.
The turning point was when a friend recommended Fat Loss for Idiots.
It's an online diet plan that takes into consideration the foods you like and gives you recipes for eleven days.
I used to do eleven days of eating the healthy stuff, have a few days off, and then reset the programme to give me another eleven recipes.
It sounds bizarre but it worked for me! I actually think it should be called Fat Loss for Clever People ;-)

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