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Plan Your African Safari Holidays for That Once in a Lifetime Experience

African safari holidays are one of the most sought after holidays among the people from different countries of the world.
You may have seen them in the television shows or films and are just waiting for that opportunity to experience them yourself.
In Swahili, the word Safari means "journey".
You have many exciting options on various types of safaris that are on offer in different countries of Africa There are about fifteen countries in Africa where you can go on a Safari.
The ultimate goal of all those who go on these kinds of holidays is to observe wildlife in their natural habitat combined with the rare glimpses of native culture and scenic grandeur which makes it a memorable holiday experience.
You have a wide choice on places that you can visit on your holiday.
Kenya 2.
Botswana 3.
South Africa 4.
Tanzania 1.
Kenyan Safari Kenya is a "hot" African Safari destination and has a lot to offer to the tourists.
They have a choice of luxury holidays including beach and safari combination, luxuriant accommodations, game safaris and many more.
Tourists on their Kenyan Safari can enjoy following tourist delights: • Balloon safaris • Bird watching • Masai Mara Wildebeest migration • Game viewing • Beach destinations Tourists can stay in the luxury camps while on their visit to game reserves at Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara.
Botswana Safari Situated in the East of Namibia, you can enjoy your safari holidays in true wildernesses in Botswana.
You can view over 170 mammal species on your visit to Botswana.
The country has diverse landscape and offers a rare chance to the visitors to see ostriches, meerkats, giraffes and other creatures in their natural habitat.
You can experience arid vastness of Kalahari and see Okavango, world's biggest inland delta.
Botswana is world famous for its scenic beauty and well preserved wildlife in their natural habitat and not just parks.
South African Safari South Africa is one of the top holiday destinations in the world.
It has some of the biggest game reserves.
You will definitely enjoy its beautiful Kruger National Park.
You will find many exciting safari options that are designed for all type of visitors.
There are Fly in safaris, Rail safaris, Day tours and safaris, Honeymoon safaris, Family safaris, Self drive safaris, Beach and bush safaris and many more.
Tanzania Safari You will enjoy spectacular and breathtaking landscapes in Tanzania.
The view of Mount Kilimanjaro is simply awesome.
It is the highest free standing mountain in this world.
You can view Ngorongoro which is the biggest crater of the world and is full of wildlife.
You can opt for safaris that take you through four parts of this country.
You can also go for Ngorongoro conservation area of Serengeti Safari.
Experience the world of elephants, buffalos, zebras, rhinos, big cat's and their prey!

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