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Internet Marketing Coaching Programs for Newbies: How to Design Them

Are you seriously thinking about making money online by sharing your expertise in internet marketing? Well, you're in for big bucks as this is currently one of the most exciting fields that people would want to try out.
In this article, I wish to help you design your programs to make them organized and extremely effective.
Here's what you need to do: First, determine what kind of program you're going to offer.
Would it be an on-going thing that will a last for at least a couple of months or one-time thing (monthly).
Before you make this crucial decision, know what your potential clients really need.
The idea here is to give them exactly what they want so you can easily get them to pay attention.
You also have the option of offering every type of coaching program if you intend to target all potential clients who has different levels of expertise (from beginners to seasoned).
Next thing is to decide how you're going to conduct your programs.
Would it be virtual coaching using email, phone, video, or Skype or would it be face-to-face? Again, consider the preference of your target audience and your skills before making a decision.
If you're up for it, you can use all mediums depending on the topics that you're discussing.
Design your programs.
You can't just get people to sign up, call them on the phone, and hope that you can wing it.
Remember, these people are spending their hard earned money on your programs so make sure they'll get exactly what they've paid for.
To speed up the learning process, here's what I recommend: Use the first session to interview each of your clients and determine what they already know about internet marketing (determine their skill level).
Perhaps, some of them already know SEO so you can skip the part where you'll discuss this subject.
Through this, you can help your clients save their precious time and at the same time, you can make your programs targeted.
Weekly email and newsletters.
Send your clients informative emails containing the instructions that they need.
Ensure that you write these emails in a very easy to understand manner.
Keep everything simple and easy to follow.
If you're offering how-to guides, make sure you include pictures or even link to a video for better comprehension.
Training through phone or video conferencing.
Follow through after you've sent instructional emails to your clients.
Get on the phone and get them to do hands-on practice.
For example, get them to create sample blog designs to see if they're really learning.
Offer constructive feedback.
Monthly consultations and question and answer portion.
At the end of each month, give your clients an idea about their progress.
Then, give them a chance to talk about the things that they find really difficult.
Be patient and provide them with the right answers and with additional assistance.
Decide on the topics you're going to cover.
As you're targeting people who are considered newbies in the field of internet marketing, you must discuss the following topics in details: SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) Website and blog creation and design Link building List building Content based marketing solutions Social media marketing eBook writing and distribution Internet tools And other advanced internet marketing techniques

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