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Stop Snoring Home Remedies

If you are a person who snores or live with one, you will probably do just about anything to stop the annoyance of interrupted sleep that is a routine part of your life.
Although some of these remedies might seem bizarre and many might work for some people but not for others, they are all worth a try.
  • Raising the head of the bed so that the body is at an angle - not just the head.
    Some people use bricks or boards to create an elevated area although it must be sturdy.
  • Large foam pillows that are shaped like a triangle can give you repositioning your body needs although some people think using a solid flat pillow or no pillow at all works better.
  • You can sew a tennis ball to the back of your nightshirt or pajamas to ensure that you stay on your side as the discomfort of the tennis ball will make you sleep on your side.
  • Keeping your nasal passages moist with a humidifier or a saline solution will help to keep your air passages open for easier breathing.
  • Putting an open bottle of marjoram oil next to your bed will supposedly help your breathing.
  • Singing is supposed to increase your muscle control in the soft palate and in the throat thus reducing snoring - so give it a try - but not when you are trying to sleep.
    You should do this earlier in the evening!
  • An increase in weight can cause snoring therefore by adapting a healthy diet and regular exercise should help to decrease the chances of snoring.
  • Smoking, alcohol and heavy foods or meals before bedtime are all causes for snoring - therefore by decreasing or minimizing your input of these should help alleviate the snoring.
  • Going to bed at a regular bedtime is known to give you better rest and prevent snoring or minimize it.

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