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Small Refrigerator Factors to Consider

The most obvious factor people consider when looking for a small refrigerator is the size.
The primary reason a person looks for a small refrigerator is because they have refrigerating needs but do not want a full sized refrigerator.
However, there are usually more specific details that many are not aware of until they take the unit home and realize there is something missing or a feature that would have made the refrigerator more useful.
The first thing that really affects the effectiveness of the storage capacity of a refrigerator is are the shelves.
Since space is limited improper shelf design can create a lot of wasted space or can assist in making the most of empty space.
Adjustability of the shelves is an important factor to increasing the efficiency of the space used.
When talking shelves, a removable shelf not only make storage easier and more effective but also assists in the cleaning process.
Glass is also easier to clean than plastic since it is see through so any spot is easily visible.
Removable or sliding out shelves make it easier to reach things and clean.
As far as organization goes, beyond shelves, there are all kinds of door shelves and space organizing compartments that are designed to store specific common items more effectively.
The problem with this is that they don't always work as intended.
A door shelf for condiments might not fit the bottles you have.
Any unusable shelf is wasted space.
Check for soda can dispensers and ice trays and consider whether this is useful to you or will it get in the way of things.
Another important factor of all appliances is energy consumption.
Small refrigerators typically come with the standard thermostat controller which is just a knob with a series of numbers.
Digital thermostats are better because they allow a target temperature to be set and that is a significant energy saving because of the better accuracy than the numbers on a knob.

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