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Facebook Etiquettes Every User Should Follow

Facebook has been one of the most revolutionary platforms for communication in the recent years. Hence, along these years, Facebook users have come to adjust on certain Facebook etiquettes. Even though these are not written anywhere, it is best if all users follow these etiquettes.
  • Message whenever you're in a doubt

It is a good thing to know what belongs on somebody's wall and what needs to go in a message. However, if you are unsure, send it in a message. This is because people do not appreciate personal posts on the public forum.
  • Don't get too personal

It is best to keep certain things private. Posting about a recent failed relationship or a failed friendship can become too unprofessional. Besides that, there are many personal matters, which you should think of twice before sharing with others.
  • Be considerately responsive

When a friend comments, it is good to reply it. If you don't have a good reply for it, you should at least like the comment to acknowledge it. Not responding to it is like leaving a friend's hi-five hanging.
  • Do not over-respond

On the contrary, do not over respond, i.e. do not comment/like everything that your friend is sharing. It doesn't take long to be labeled as a stalker on social media.
  • Respect Tags

Make sure that your friend would not mind being tagged in a picture or post before you actually tag them. Tagging them into your own profile picture, or a post that would embarrass them, would actually set them off.
  • Hide the wall posts you do not want

Similarly, it is good to be considerate about others. Do not post something on their walls that would get them in trouble at the office.
  • Don't pass on chain posts

Sharing chain updates is another annoying aspect some people follow. Try avoiding sharing anything that promises bad luck upon not sharing or good luck upon sharing. These posts are simply annoying and your friends might even hide your posts on their feeds.
  • RSVP truthfully

In recent years, Facebook has been a very good platform to invite people to events. If a friend invites you over for a party at his place, it is better to RSVP truthfully. He might be relying on the Facebook page to prepare for food and drinks accordingly.
  • Avoid Drama

A good Facebook etiquette is to avoid fighting on Facebook. You can do whatever you want on a personal level, but other people don't need to see your dirty laundry.

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