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Surveillance Director Job Description


    • Surveillance directors often hire and organize a staff of security guards who help observe casino operations with strategically placed cameras and television monitors. Surveillance directors may occasionally keep tabs on a premises on foot as well.


    • Surveillance directors must be highly alert and analytical, ably identifying an issue and responding quickly. They should be organized, efficient and professional, as well as use good judgment.


    • A high school diploma is typically all that's needed to become a surveillance director. That is, of course, assuming the director has spent time as an everyday security guard or surveillance officer first.


    • Employment of surveillance officers is expected to increase by 14 percent through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


    • Surveillance officers earned a median annual salary of $28,850 in May 2008, the BLS reported. Surveillance directors likely earned slightly more than that on average.

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