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BBG Communcations - My Summer in Europe

I am standing in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world. I see a tall tower with clock which is pointing to twelve o'clock on top of it. Its gold colour is so bright that it darkens the sunlight. It is a world famous Big Ben which is standing in front of me in the middle of the city. The city is crowded with bustling red tower buses, black taxis and tourists who are busy clicking their cameras everywhere. I am in London, the capital city of England and this is where I am going to start my journey. I decided to travel around Europe during the school-off year to relax by visiting famous places, sight-seeing all the historical figures and enjoying nice natural view of Europe.

My first destination will be Venezia, the water city, where the entire city is floating on water. Imagine how nice and relaxing it would be to sit on a Gondola while eating Italian piazza. As the Gondola glides through the water road, I can see the nice Italian buildings reflecting ancient styles. There are no modern buildings to show the power of technology; but tiny old houses show the beauty of old times. The blue sky is open and there are no tall business buildings to block the sight. Likewise, my mind is empty and in peace; I feel more tranquil than ever.

While I enjoy my time in Venezia, charging myself with both emotional and physical energy, I will fill my mind with knowledge in England. The Louvre Museum is full of antiques and valuable treasures from all over the world that England collected when they ruled the world. In fact, the museum itself is a treasure; displaying all kinds of masterpieces from famous artworks to mummies of Egypt kings and ancient frescos. Anything I can possibly imagine is in there. Although I am having a break from school, I gain more knowledge.

As my trip of Europe is coming to the end, the last place I will visit is Switzerland where the most fascinating natural views are located. Gigantic Alps boasts the grandeur of nature. It is so high that the top of the mountains are invisible due to clouds that shield the mountains. At the highest peak, I see perpetual snow and towering masses of clouds. They both blend into one another to create the magnificent view of the sky field or heaven. All of the stress and pressure I had during school years is gone; and fresh air and new resolutions fill my empty mind and heart.

After an exciting trip of a year in Europe, I am heading back home to start a next year of school in communications, yet my mind is more energetic than ever. Therefore, if I get a year off from school again, I would travel around the world to not only to ease my mind but to learn many things by experiencing and seeing the wonders of this world.

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