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Win Back Your Ex - Is it Possible?

You may be asking yourself, "How can I win back my ex?" in between sobs, tears, and overall sadness.
  Rest assured, we've all gone through it.
  It feels like our world will never be the same but try to remember that this is a normal, human reaction when a person loses a loving relationship.
  A break up can be quite devastating in various degrees.
  Rest assured that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  It is entirely possible to win back your ex, fairly quickly and easily.
  Remember above all things, try to maintain your dignity.
  Try to appear strong and not show signs of weakness.
  Do not beg your lover to come back to you.
  Do not cry and mope around when he, his friends, or relatives can see you.
  Move on with your life, or at least give the appearance that you are moving on.
  Go out with your friends and family.
  Try to enjoy yourself as much as you can.
  You may be crying on the inside, but keep that hidden from your ex.
  This is one of the best ways to win back your ex because he will be surprised and somewhat in awe of you and your strength.
  He will be strongly attracted to this new and improved, strong person.
  But don't jump at rekindling the relationship when he initially comes around.
  Play hard to get for a while so he really wants you.
  It will make reconciling all the better when it eventually happens.

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