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How different knitting patterns would affect your life?

We all have a memory of our grandma or mom, sitting on a cozy sofa with yarns of wool around her and two needles that were at work for hours together! As a kid we were stunned as to how our sweaters, socks, mufflers and woolen dresses came into being from needles and wool. What was this magic? It was the fine art of knitting: Thread being looped consecutively into stitches to create garments with the support of two needles. Different kinds of yarn, thread and needles would change the textures, colors, patterns, weight and even the entire look of your final product. In this regard, the knitting pattern you choose is very important. There are innumerous patters available and you have to choose the right one. It would all depend on the kind of garment you wish to knit. You could use a simple pattern for adult booties and even go a little mischievous and make them elf booties. Knit a hate with the checkered effect or a muffler with rainbow colored wide strips all the way down. A triangle shawl in bright colors, a Santa hat for your kids or just simple flower embellishments for your pillows and curtains, any pattern could be done. It would require patience, trial and error, preciseness and lots of material. Try knitting small dog for your boy or a cardigan for yourself. There are so many different patterns available out there. From dishcloths, pillow covers, tunics and dresses to socks, caps, bikinis and even cute bunny slippers, you could all your life! These various knitted patterns would make your life colorful, warm, cozy and varied. You don't need to use the same patterns for everything, innovate and use new ideas. New is always good after all. The latest trend would be Harry Potter sweaters for the kids, a bright sarong for the summer, and colorful eye-catchy leg warmers for the rains and even a knitted patchwork quilt to adorn for living room. Use color, use different kinds of thread and yarn, knit small and big items of all kinds for your family, house and you. Don't forget your pet! Use a knitted pattern to make a blanket or sweater for your pet and make his day! I personally haven't yet learnt even the 'K' of knitting but I do hope someday to knit all day long and make beautiful garments using knitting patterns!

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