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Sell Your Car for Cash in Belton, TX: Mistakes to Avoid When Selling to a Junkyard

If you need to sell your car for cash in Belton, TX, offering it to a junkyard could get you the best offer. Professionally operated junkyards pay fair prices for salvage vehicles and used automobiles that are still drivable. In many cases, the offers are higher than what you would receive from a private individual, a wrecking yard, or an auto dealer. However, liquidating a vehicle to a junkyard can involve some pitfalls that first time sellers must be careful to avoid.

Paying for Towing Services

Towing services for a single automobile routinely cost hundreds of dollars. Considering that the average junker is worth hundreds of dollars, paying for towing is a losing proposition for the seller. Salvage lots know that they can offer free towing and still make a healthy profit from the automobile when all is said and done. If a junkyard charges for towing, choose a different one.

No Ownership Documents

Professionally operated salvage lots require you prove you own an automobile before you can sell it. In addition to the title of the vehicle, the following documents establish proof of ownership: mechanic's lien, auction sales receipt, storage lot lien, or repossession affidavit. Not having proof of ownership can bring a halt to the sales process, so be sure to have it ready in hand.

Failure to Receive Several Offers

Salvage vehicles are typically worth hundreds of dollars each. However, the price junkyards are willing to pay for them varies considerably. That is why veterans of the salvage lot industry recommend you to receive at least three different offers from prospective buyers When you sell your car for cash in Belton, TX. The more offers you receive, the more price options you have.

Selling a Used Vehicle as a Junker

In addition to buying clunkers, salvage lots purchase used vehicles that are still operable. If you need to liquidate a used automobile that still drives, be sure not to sell it for the price of a salvage car. Before you offer the automobile for sale, check a reputable auto price guide, such as Kelley Blue Book (KBB), to determine the fair market value for the model based on its condition.


Paying for towing services, not having ownership documents on hand, failing to receive offers from several prospective buyers, and liquidating a used vehicle as a junk vehicle are common mistakes you can make when you sell your car for cash in Belton, TX. By avoiding these mistakes, you can expedite the sales and help to ensure that you receive a fair offer. For more information about the sales process, contact a professional salvage lot today.

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