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How to Travel Through Home Exchanging

    • 1). Visit the various home exchange organizations' websites and take their "Visitor's Tour" to see what they have on offerin your areas of interest (see Resources below). Join the organization that offers more of what you want such asoverseas listings or resort condos being offered for exchange.

    • 2). Browse various ads for home exchange and identify what you find appealing about them, such as their pictures or the description of their home and location. Use this information to form a better idea of how to write your own ad. This is the first impression that other exchangers will get of your offer so you want to make it outstanding but honest.

    • 3). Consider all types of exchanges, such as weekend swaps, house-sitting, long-term exchanges and hospitality (similar to a Bed and Breakfast situation). There are many people who use home exchanging when traveling for business or visitingfamily and only want to be in your location for a short period of time. A short stay exchange near your location is a goodway to experience your initial swap without great travel expense.

    • 4). Consider offers from fellow exchangers even if they are not in your primary area of interest. You may find a newfavorite spot or experience a totally new way of life. The more open you are to various locations the moresuccessful you will be in getting exchanges.

    • 5). Including the exchange of your car with your home or condo is up to you. If you are comfortable with someonedriving your car, then indicate this in your ad. If you do not want to include your car, then you should indicatethat a car will be necessary.

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