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Do We Live In a Truly Free Society

There is a push going on right now in many countries that will have a drastic impact on our lives. The large corporations in a lot of different countries are trying to push for laws that would limit and even eliminate our choices on food.

In Canada, they are trying to pass Bill C51. This bill is designed to look like it is protecting the citizens, but if you can get through the legalize, you will find that it is trying to limit the production of natural products. The bill does not limit to natural health products, but all natural products. If it is determined that a seed for carrots is deemed unhealthy it will be pulled from the market, and anyone still growing it can be fined.

Sounds ridiculous, but it is what they are trying to do.

In the United States, they are trying to pass bill H.R.875. This bill is to be presented to congress. It is being presented in the same light as Bill C51 in Canada. It discusses the need for better control of food production and to ensure it is safe for people. What they don't tell you is that Monsanto and Cargil are the writers of the bill. They are trying to push for the destruction of natural seeds and only allow genetically modified seeds.

There are already laws that do not require food labels to include all of the ingredients, or if it includes genetically modified food.

In India, there are laws that allow for the sale of only certain types of seeds. A farmer can not choose the seed they wish to use. They can only buy seed that is deemed healthy by the government. The thing we are not told is that the seeds that are deemed healthy are all genetically modified seeds. This is not all seeds, but the companies are constantly lobbying for more laws to be passed that would introduce more genetically modified seeds into the books.

Mexico is in a battle right now to stop the introduction of modified corn seeds into their country. With NAFTA in place they are under a lot of pressure from the US and Canadian Governments to change their laws and allow these seeds to be grown. At this time Mexican corn farmers do not need to use pesticides or fertilizers to have abundant crops. If the use of genetically modified seeds are allowed, then the only way they will grow is if the use of chemicals are also introduced.

The worst part of the introduction of genetically modified foods is that there is proof that it is not as healthy, and in fact can cause disease. It literally robs the nutrients from the soil to the point that if chemicals are not used, nothing can grow.

We are being tricked by our governments and by the large corporations to think that they are looking out for our best interests, but don't be fooled. The only thing they are concerned with is their pocket books.

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