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Your Medical Biography - A Best Seller

If you ever thought about writing an autobiography, consider starting with your medical history.
In fact, it's was started even before you were born, and your history is now being penned by your current healthcare practitioner with the cost of a co-pay.
It's fascinating to review your past health experiences which make you who are today.
So the healthier you are, the thinner your medical biography would be.
In the meantime, your.
You walk up to receptionist and tell her your name, appointment time and your doctor's name.
She hands you several sheets of white copier paper with ink lines and words requesting that you tell them an update of your condition and how you are going to pay for this visit.
Finally, you finish your scribbling and hand the clipboard with the answers you remotely can recall, back to the receptionist.
As you pass the new updates back, you notice a room behind the receptionist's desk tucked behind the door on the left.
Along the back wall awaits an army of biographies lined up like soldiers waiting to spring into action when called upon.
Some are wiry and others are portly and thick.
You rotate and walk towards your seat to sit down.
You also notice everyone else scribbling on the same paperwork.
The clock hands sweep around as you tried to read the lips of the news anchor on the television, and then the door swings open.
All eyes turn to the nurse calls, as everyone anxiously seeks to hear their name.
She looks down at the folder, and calls out a name load enough as not to repeat it.
Bingo!Off you go, ahead of the coughing person and the one who is constantly scratching back.
Before you sit down on the exam table and start wrinkling the smooth table exam paper that was neatly rolled out in preparation for your visit.
The nurse asks how are you feeling and why did you come and visit.
The nurse takes your measurements and vitals.
First your weight, you quickly remove the 5 pound jacket and toss the 5 pounds for the shoes, so that they are not included in the weighing.
Then the nurse sticks a probe cover under your tongue for your temperature and takes your pulse.
Finally the nurse might take your blood pressure reading.
You witness and hear that unique separation of Velcro, and then your eye follows the mercury rise as the cuff encapsulates your arms squeezing it tight.
The nurse releases the valve leaving a whooshing sound, and then says, "The doctor will be with you shortly.
"The whole time she's been updating your history in that battered manila colored folder.
As she walks out the door, she shuts the folder that is about 3 inches thick! Can you believe that folder contains entire medical history fitting inside to what amounts to a 3 ring binder.
All those questions that you answered on that seemingly endless questionnaire about your insurance information, surgeries, medicines, diagnosis, and family conditions, culminate to what amounts to be your Healthcare and Medical Biography.
Very few travel around with a file cabinet containing every drug, x-ray, and notes about every doctor's visit.
More and more people including healthcare professionals have gone electronic.
Some doctors are using a computer tablet to jot down notes for your biography.
Emergency Medical Technicians now have laptops in their Rigs to update hospitals as they rush you for immediate medical care.
New technology easily shrinks your Bible sized medical history into a little USB Memory Stick that is small enough to fit around your neck like a necklace or on your key chain, such as the MedicTag.
So will your Medical Biography be on the New York Times Best Sellers List or be listed on Oprah's Book Club?More importantly, if a medical emergency arises and you cannot speak, will your Medical Biography be available for the healthcare professionals? Chances are that the more convenient your Biography is to carry, the more likely you will have it on your person if such an emergency occurs.

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