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How to Make a Quit Claim Deed Null & Void

    • 1). Hire an attorney. To make your quit claim deed null and void, you will need an attorney to analyze your case, write a demand letter to the grantee and file a lawsuit, if it cannot be resolved.

    • 2). Explain how you signed a quit claim deed after someone lied to you about the impact of doing so. If you were told that you could still live in your house and retain your ownership, or if you were fraudulently tricked into signing a quit claim deed, tell the lawyer. Provide all documentation that you have from the transaction.

    • 3). Tell the attorney if you were threatened or coerced into signing the quit claim deed. Because the grantee, more than likely, will refute the allegation, having proof may be necessary. Search the grantee's name and company online and determine if other similar complaints have been filed. If it is alleged that the same grantee has threatened other owners, you may have a stronger case.

    • 4). Prove forgery by making a copy of the quit claim deed at the county recorder's office and showing the attorney that you did not sign it. You may need to hire a handwriting expert to substantiate your claim that your property was stolen by the grantee, who filed the quit claim deed without your permission.

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