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How to Start a Computer Consulting Business

Most computer security consultants work on their own. So Computer Consulting is a good business to startup as a sole proprietor. You won't need to worry about payroll and taxes for additional employees when you are starting out. This will free up more time for you to continue with professional development training and to focus on generating business.

Steps for Getting Started
1. Start small. It takes time to build a strong customer base. It might be a good idea to start on a part-time basis at first, maintaining another full- or part-time job for financial security.

2. Focus on a particular specialty or niche. Being a consultant means you need to be an expert in your field. By specializing in a specific field you can make it easier to stay up to date with industry information. You might decide to work as a physical security systems expert, data encryption, or even biometrics.

3. Maintain a professional image. Dress nicely. Your customers will appreciate your attention to fine details. Consider purchasing ID lanyards for you and anyone else on your team. A lanyard with a photo ID and the name of your company gives you a more professional appearance.

4. Don't forget to buy insurance for your company. Consulting firms should have some form of business insurance policy. If you're not sure where to start speak with the agent that handles your homeowners', renters' or condo insurance.

5. Do price comparisons before you set your fees. Find out how much other consulting professionals in your area charge for similar services and use that as a guide in establishing your own rates. You might be tempted to undercut your competitors at first, but cheaper isn't always the best business solution.

6. Create a website outlining the services you provide. It's a good idea to get testimonials and recommendations from your clients to help you establish your reputation for quality service and professionalism. You might want to promote your business via a blog or other social networking sites as well.

7. As a computer securities consultant you will often come into contact with sensitive client information. Draw up your own contracts that include a non-compete clause to put your clients at ease. It is recommended that you consult a legal professional when drawing up contracts and other legal documents.

Additional Tips:
* To generate more business, you should consider contacting libraries, business, school, and other agencies to hold seminars on the importance of computer security. In the beginning you may want to consider holding free seminars or webinars to help you promote your company and establish your reputation.
* To generate business, offer free consultations. Keep the initial consultation short (30 minutes or less) and be sure not to give away too much advice. The goal of the initial consultation is to show potential clients how they will benefit from the services your company provides.
* For every business owner it is important that you respond to calls and emails quickly.

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