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The Size of a Mudroom


    • The location of the mudroom is a key factor in determining the size. If you're modifying the existing layout of your home without changing the structure, identify and measure the location of the mudroom. Look for closets you are able to incorporate into the mudroom for additional space. If you are taking space out of another room for the mudroom, you need to decide how much of the existing room you're willing to give up. Walk through the room to determine the amount of space you can subtract without ruining the functionality of the room.


    • The uses for the mudroom affect the amount of space needed. If you just need a place to store coats, shoes and other outdoor gear, a room on the smaller end of the spectrum is fine. Consider the amount of storage you want in the space. A locker system or cabinetry is often used in mudrooms to store out-of-season items. Account for a bench or other seating if you want a spot to sit down. If you also want to incorporate other components, such as the laundry room or recycling center, you need to add on to the basic mudroom size to accommodate those fixtures.

    Family Size

    • The number of people in your family has a bearing on the mudroom size. For a smaller family, a 6-foot-by-6-foot mudroom is likely large enough. If you have several children who all leave or arrive at the same time, a larger mudroom gives you more space to all fit to put on and remove outdoor gear. A locker or storage area for each family member is a useful organizational tool. Larger families need more of these individual storage areas, requiring a larger mudroom.


    • When determining how much space to allocate to the mudroom, draw a sketch of the area. For example, if you're considering a 7-feet-by-7-feet room near the back entrance, draw a scaled sketch of the area including any doors, windows and other fixtures. Draw in the features you want in the mudroom, such as a bench and storage area. This helps you determine if the space will work for the mudroom.

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