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Combinations of Poverty Should Be Understood Before Speaking About the Prosperity of the Native

Amidst all the grand talk about prosperity, wealth and success, following are some of the combinations that cause poverty and misery for the native.
If the lords of the ascendant, the fourth and ninth houses are in the eighth house, the native suffers from poverty throughout his life.
The lords of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are called trik-the three inauspicious ones.
Any planets in these houses, or the houses where the lords of these three houses are placed, become polluted.
The placement of three most important ones, ascendant (native), fourth (comforts, immovable property etc, and ninth (luck, general well being) lords in the most inauspicious, the eighth, will make the native bereft of all these indications.
Similarly, if the lord of the second house of accumulated wealth is in the twelfth i.
the house of waste, expenses, wandering faraway from the place of birth; and the twelfth lord is in the second the native suffers from a lifetime of poverty.
If the lord of the second is in the twelfth and the lord of the twelfth is in the ascendant, aspected by the lord of the seventh or eighth, then also the poverty will follow the native wherever s/he goes.
Also, if the lord of the fifth is in the sixth and the lord of the ninth is in the eighth, aspected by the lord of the seventh of second, the native will live in poverty.
In this case the lords of both the trinal houses, the most auspicious ones are in holes that are hopelessly deep.
If the lord of the second in the twelfth; and the twelfth lord is in the eleventh house of income, then the very little income the native earns will be destroyed.
Presence of the fourth lord in the eighth and the eighth lord in the second and second lord in the eighth will also see the income levels plummet in the bottomless pit of adversity and poverty.
The presence of the fourth and fifth lord in the twelfth and the twelfth lord in the fifth can similarly cause the destruction of wealth.
Presence of Saturn in the ascendant in its fall in the first house for the Aries native, and that of the ninth lord Jupiter in the twelfth, even in its own house of Pisces, can cause, fruitless wandering for the native.
He may even be driven out of his ancestral property to live a life of shortages.
The presence of Saturn in the fifth house also causes poverty, especially if it transiting the fifth from the radical moon.
The Saturn is the significator of the poverty for the native.
If it is strong in the chart (with the exception of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius natives) and other indicators are also not good, the misery will follow the native.

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