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How Do Decongestants Work?

    Reduces Swelling

    • Decongestants work by reducing swelling in the blood vessels of the lining of the nose. Reduced swelling allows mucus and air to pass through the nose more easily.

    Decreases Flow

    • When your nose is swollen and blocked, it often increases the production of mucus and other fluids, causing a stuffed feeling that makes it difficult to breathe. By reducing the amount of swelling in the nasal passages, decongestants also reduce the production of mucus.

    Works Quickly

    • Decongestants work quickly, and often improve swelling and blockage within minutes. However, while decongestants can relieve symptoms quickly and effectively, it is important to find and treat the underlying cause of the swelling. If you find that you need to use a decongestant frequently, it is best to contact a doctor to determine the cause of the problem.

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