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How to Install Solar Panels on a Tile Roof

    • 1). Remove the tiles at intervals where the mount will be installed.

    • 2). Find the rafters with a stud finder, then use a laser sight or chalk line to for a straight-line mark where each mount will go. Use a drill to pre-drill with a pilot bit to steer clear of splitting the rafters.

    • 3). Install the mounts where the holes you made earlier with stainless steel lag bolts.

    • 4). Place metal flashing over the mounts and hot-mop (seal with tar and heat) around the mounts. Secure the metal rails to the mounting posts with 0.375 bolts.

    • 5). Cut a hole into the tile to fit snugly over the mounting bracket and seal with tar.

    • 6). Install the solar panels and attach them into an array.

    • 7). Install the conduit and run the wires to connect the panels to the inverter.

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