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So You Sold Your Timeshare - Now How Are You Going to Vacation?

There is a huge market for timeshare and selling timeshares alike.
Beware of how you do business with, many companies are only in the market to charge you a listing-fee - you will never hear from them again.
But you already knew that.
In this article we will explore why people are selling their timeshares.
However, we're going to dig a little deeper.
You had a reason to buy a timeshare to begin with, your expectations weren't met, but IF the timeshare had done for you what you thought it would, you probably wouldn't be selling it, right? These are the top 4 reasons, why people are selling their timeshares.
#1 - the exchange doesn't work.
You get stuck in your place or get lower ranked clubs only.
Probably, you have never made it to Hawaii.
#2 - the maintenance-fees are too high.
They go up unexpectedly, or you simply don't see the point in paying them every year.
#3 - Availability.
You spent a hefty amount of money.
Now you can't even get into your own home-resort! #4 - the kids have grown up.
There is no need for that type of unit anymore and you'd like to recoup your money.
Now, these were the reasons that caused you to buy a timeshare to begin with.
#1 - It "forces" you to go an a vacation.
#2 - Most resorts are beautiful, some stunning.
Your one or two-bedroom gives you champagne on a beer budget.
They proved it to you on the presentation.
And it's true.
It's money you're spending anyway.
So, now that you've sold your timeshare, you are somewhat in an awkward position.
Yes what you did was smart, but you acted against your motives of buying your timeshare - And those motives and reasons were emotional, but some of them were rational as well.
Buying a timeshare was smart also, at least back then.
But we are now in a position that we have to ask ourselves: do we really want to go back to buying our vacations with Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity etc? Back when we bought our timeshare, we decided that would be a "rip off".
Somehow, we are back to "square one".

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