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How to Convert an Mpeg4 File to a 3Gp

    Acala 3GP Movies

    • 1). Change the "Output 3GP Format." Click on the arrow, and select "3GP (GSM-Embedded Phones)." Modify or leave the "Output Folder" the same. To alter, click the file folder. Choose a directory. Press "OK."

    • 2). Press the "Plus" icon to add the "MPEG4" or "MP4" file. Click once on the video. Push the "Open" button.

    • 3). Select the large "Play" button to begin converting. The conversion will quickly complete within seconds.

    Video to 3GP Converter

    • 1). Click on the "To 3GP" tab. Modify the "Output Settings." Select "Cell Phone 3GP files (3GP + ACC)" with the drop-down arrow. Click the "MPEG4 QVGA 320 X 240 High Quality 15fps Stereo" option under "Select Profiles."

    • 2). Select the "Plus" button to add the "MPEG4" file. Highlight and click "Open."

    • 3). Preview the video. Click the "Play" button under the video window.

    • 4). Click the "Convert" button to proceed. The process takes roughly 7 minutes.

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