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How To Buy And Care For Handmade Oriental Carpets?

Take a look at historical architectures like palaces and museums, and you will see how the royal lineage patronized handmade oriental carpets. Oriental carpets not only featured in the Arabian Nights Tales, but they also took prominent place in the interior dcor of the Mogul Empire and in the homes of many Asian countries. Today, handmade rugs are picked up for their beauty, uniqueness and great value. To an owner it is a pride of luxury as these carpets have an ability to create a royal ambience wherever they are placed. Although antique oriental rugs can be purchased from rug stores, antique shops and during auctions, there are few reputed rug merchants who sell a whole new variety of handmade oriental carpets.
What Factors Add To The Value Of Handmade Carpets?
Oriental rugs are great assets that appreciate in value over the years. The more they age, the more beautiful they appear. However, the key is to keep these handmade oriental carpets clean and in good health if you want its value to appreciate. Some of the most important factors that add to the value of handmade rugs are
Its origin. Carpets with its origin in Turkey, Morocco, Iran, China, Nepal, India and Pakistan are valued greatly and are known for their uniqueness and originality.
Its construction. High quality handmade oriental carpets are weaved by hand without using any kind of motorized machines.
Its materials. Silk, cotton and wool are the most common materials used in carpets. However, the value of carpets depends upon the type of fibers used.
Tips for Buying the Right Carpet:
Determine how you want to use the handmade oriental carpets. Do you want to put it on the floor or hand it on the wall?
If you plan to hang it on the wall then identify a suitable place where the carpet will be clearly visible from all angles.
Determine the area where you would want to place the carpet.
Take the exact measurements of the area.
If you are going to put it on the floor, then determine whether you plan to place any object over the carpet such as a coffee table, sofa or any other furniture.
Decide the design and colors. The handmade oriental carpets you plan to buy should match your furniture, furnishings and color of your walls.
How to Look After Your Carpets:
Carpets can attract a lot of dust and the dust in turn can make your carpets look dull. Apart from dusting carpets regularly at home, it is very important that you give your handmade oriental carpets for professional cleaning. Whenever you are dusting your homes or painting, make sure to roll up your carpet, pack it and store till the cleaning job is done. Repair minor damages immediately before it gets worse.

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