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How to Route a Basement Drain

    • 1). Draw up a plan of the basement, including the location of where the sewer pipe is coming from (for example, an upstairs floor level), where it will connect into the main sewer line, and what obstacles it will have to travel around along the route. Review this proposed route with your municipal building inspector to make sure it complies with local building regulations.

    • 2). Mark the main sewer line where the sewer pipe will join into it. Make a second mark along the sewer line 2 inches along from the first mark. Make a straight clean cut through the line at both marks using a handsaw or circular saw. Remove the 2-inch-wide section of pipe and scrape off all burrs from the cut pipe ends using a utility knife.

    • 3). Apply PVC primer around the outside ends of the pipe cuts, and also prime the inside ends of a PVC connecting coupling. Apply PVC cement to all four primed areas and push the coupling between the pipe ends. Position the coupling's side spout up and in the direction of the sewer pipe to which it will connect. Hold the coupling in place for 10 seconds while the cement starts to set.

    • 4). Cut to length the first section of PVC sewer pipe. Prime one end, as well as the inside end of the coupling's side spout. Cement both primed areas, and push the pipe into the spout. Hold in place for 10 seconds. Cut the second sewer pipe section to length and remove burrs. Prime one end of this second section, as well as the end of the first section and the inside of a PVC coupling. Cement all primed areas. Push the coupling onto the end of the first pipe section, and the second pipe section into the other end of the coupling. Hold in place for 10 seconds. Measure, cut and install all necessary pipe sections until the new sewer pipeline nearly reaches the existing line entering the basement.

    • 5). Measure between the end of the new sewer pipeline and the existing pipeline entering the basement. Cut a section of PVC sewer pipe to this length. Scrape off burrs and prime both ends. Then prime the end of the pipe coming from the main sewer line, as well as the pipe entering the basement level. Prime also the insides of two PVC couplings. Cement all primed areas. Push the couplings onto the ends of the newly cut pipe section, and then squeeze the couplings and newly cut pipe between the pipe entering the basement and the pipe from the main sewer line. Hold in place for 10 seconds.

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