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How to Set Up a Food Processing Unit

    • 1). Clean and dry all parts of your food processor to remove packing dust and handling debris.

    • 2). Place the food processor base on a flat surface, like a counter or table. Check to make sure it is turned off, then plug the cord into the wall outlet.

    • 3). Place the bowl or food container element on the processor so the grooves, notches or arrows at the bottom of the bowl and on the food processor base line up. Push down and turn to the right until the bowl locks on place.

    • 4). Insert the blade into the middle of the bowl, onto the center support with the cutting elements at the bottom.

    • 5). Attach the chopping and slicing tool to the top of the center support if you will be using it by matching the shape of the center hole with the top of the center support. Be sure to press firmly to make sure the slicing blade does not slide off during use.

    • 6). Place the lid on top of the bowl, aligning the notches on the side with the notches on the bowl. Push down and twist to the right until the lid is locked into place. Most food processors will not operate unless all elements are firmly locked into place.

    • 7). Place the vegetable guide into the hole at the top of the lid for storage. Test that the unit is assembled properly by choosing a setting and turning the food processor on. If the food processor does not work, check all pieces to make sure they are snapped together and locked into place. You have now completed setup of your food processing unit. It is recommended that you unplug your appliance between uses.

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