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As the economy continues to crumble, more and more people are turning to network marketing, for both income as well as an overall lifestyle upgrade. In addition to providing entrepreneurs with a lucrative job, online marketers enjoy the freedom and scheduling flexibility of working from home, as well the stability and security of a recession proof industry.

Online marketing poses some challenges however, even for someone with a sales and marketing background, and the biggest challenge is change. In 1965, Gordon Moore, one of the founders of computer chip manufacturer Intel, wrote a paper in which he suggested that the number of transistors that could be placed on a computer chip would double every 18 months. This of course means that technology changes rapidly with ongoing, exponential improvements in processing speed and power.

When it comes to network marketing tools and strategies however, the rate of change is even more dramatic--in some cases overnight. Online marketing gurus are continuously pioneering new and improved ways of leveraging the immense power and reach of the internet. Things that worked well yesterday often become completely worthless tomorrow. New technologies are combined with new strategies to create powerful marketing tools that not only disseminate critical marketing messages, but that actively harvest leads and close sales as well.

Staying abreast of these ongoing and rapid changes is not easy, and it's getting harder. Even seasoned internet marketers have a tough time keeping up, and for the neophyte, it's next to impossible. This is why many internet entrepreneurs deploy a turnkey, online marketing system to enable their enterprise. A good online system is proven, tested, and sustainable over time.

Online marketing systems can be used in a number of different ways, but the best ones are intended to keep the sales funnel full by attracting an ongoing stream of serious and qualified prospects. When properly designed, a system such as this produces results 24/7, 365 days a year. Internet entrepreneurs using these systems make money all the time, even when they're sleeping.

The key is to find a system developed by someone who has demonstrated massive success in online marketing, and who has then been able to create a company by packaging and selling the system. A "business in a box" such as this should be evolutionary as well, and the company should put serious effort into making sure that the system consistently represents the cutting edge in online marketing.

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