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Incontinence Underwear For Men - A Must Have After Prostate Surgery

As men get older they run a higher risk of incontinence, particularly as their prostate begins to grow in size.
Enlarged prostate is a fairly common condition that is treated with medication or surgery and in most cases can be successfully cured.
However, while that therapy is going on the condition can be managed using incontinence underwear for men to allow them to continue with an active lifestyle.
The reason the prostate plays such a dominant role incontinence in men is its location.
Sandwiched between the penis and the bladder, the urethra, the tube that actually evacuates urine, runs right through the prostate.
When a man turns 50 he may develop benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) which causes the prostate to enlarge and in essence put the squeeze on the urethra.
The most common symptom of this condition is an inability to complete urination or slow, no pressure urination.
Treating BPH is becoming a big market for the pharmaceutical companies as the baby boomers head into their late 50s and early 60s.
There is of course another reason that the prostate can grow and that's the far more serious condition of prostate cancer.
This form of cancer is the second most common found in men.
Fortunately, with early detection it can be successfully treated with surgery or radiation or a combination of both.
This risk is the reason that men over 50 should visit their doctor at the first sign of any urination problem.
If cancer is detected and the therapy involves surgery or radiation, then it is likely that the man will be incontinent for several months while the body heals.
During this time the condition can be managed with appropriate incontinence underwear for men and while the patient may not be able to immediately resume all aspects of an active life due to the therapy, he can perform everyday tasks without worrying about having an embarrassing accident in public.

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