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Suffering from Night Sweats? Cool Down your Bed

If you are one of the many thousand of people who suffer from night sweats, you know how important it is to cool down your body in order to fall back to sleep and get some rest. This can be a very difficult thing to do. Often times once we wake up it is difficult to get back to sleep. Lack of sleep leads to ill health and unstable mental and emotional health... it is very important. There is a way to keep your body cool at night so that you can rest comfortably and sleep soundly. A cooling mattress pad will help to keep the body at an even temperature which in turn keeps you very comfortable.

There are a few different cooling mattress covers on the market but if you can find one that not only cools but also heats that would be best. That way you have control over the temperature of your bed. You can start off cool and if you find yourself getting too cold, you can crank up the temperature.

One mattress pad that offers both a cooling and a heating feature is the ChiliPad. What makes this pad great is that there are no wires within the mattress cover or on top of it. What that means is that there are no harmful ELF magnetic fields involved which is great. It basically uses water instead of air to control the bed temperature.

A cooling mattress cover believe it or not will help to conserve energy and also to save you money. When you use one of these things you do not have to keep your air conditioning or your heating system on through the night. It actually works out to about a 10% savings for you.

For those who suffer from rising temperatures at night or who live in extreme temperatures a cooling or heating mattress pad can make a world of difference. They are safe to use, extremely comfortable and come in a variety of sizes to fit all beds. There are lots of different electric mattress covers on the market so do the research and read the consumer reviews. Prices can vary so shop around.

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