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Windshield Wiper Issues

    Wipers Don't Operate At All

    • Sometimes windshield wipers stop working in general, even though there is a sound coming from inside the car when they are turned on. There are a number of reasons for this problem. One could be due to a defect in the internal motor that controls the windshield wipers. The only solution for this problem is to replace the motor. Sometimes the linkage that connects the wipers to the motor can be damaged, keeping the wipers from working. This linkage will usually need to be inspected and replaced after troubleshooting the problem. The arms of the windshield wipers may not to the fact that they were improperly installed. This needs to be remedied without operating the wiper motor too much, otherwise you run the risk of burning out the motor.

    Electrical Problems

    • If there is no response from the wipers when they are turned on and no sound is coming from their motor, then there may be general electrical problems with the vehicle keeping the windshield wipers from properly functioning. The only way to fix this is to examine every part of the connection between the switch inside the car and the windshield wipers themselves. A fuse or circuit breaker inside the automobile may be blown, or there may be loose or open wiring inside the car that keeps electricity from flowing properly. The switch inside the car may be defective or there may be corroded terminals, due to water or weathering inside the car. All of these parts of the wiper's electrical system will have to be examined and replaced, if necessary, for the wipers to function properly.

    Torn Rubber

    • Rubber lines the bottom of each windshield wiper blade, sweeping away water or debris from the windshield. While this rubber is meant for all types of weather and can withstand a large amount of abuse from water, ice and different types of dirt and debris, it can sometimes tear. When these tears occur, smears or streaks of water or dirt will be made across the windshield, creating distracting lines across the driver's field of vision. There is no way to repair this rubber on the wiper, and it is more economical to replace the wiper blade, which can be purchased at automotive supply stores.

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