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Games for Girls on Looking After Babies

    Super Baby Sitter

    • In this free, online game from, girls will play the role of a baby sitter whose job is to care for babies parents bring to her house. Players start out caring for two babies, to give them the hang of how to handle a baby. Two parents will bring their babies to the sitter's house, at which point girls will click on the babies to take them from the parents hands and place them on the rug. Players won't have to do any guessing when it comes to caring for the babies because the babies have a bubble above their heads to indicate what they want. For instance, the bubble may have a ball or toy blocks in it. Girls must click on the desired items then bring them to the baby before he or she starts crying. At the end of the day, parents come to pick up their babies and pay the sitter, who gets to move on to the next level.

    Baby Sitting

    • With this free, online game from, girls will play the role of a nanny who is in charge of several babies. Parents drop the babies off at the "check in" and the nanny must quickly retrieve the baby and place it in a cradle, or the baby will go away and girls will lose a "life." They'll also lose lives if they don't tend to the baby's needs within seconds of the baby crying. The more babies that are placed in the nanny's care, the harder this task becomes. Most items to care for the babies, such as food, a rattle, blankets and a baby bath, are kept in the next room. While girls can move from room to room by moving the mouse from side to side, it's quicker to click on the cradle number or "room" button at the bottom.

    Cute Baby Nursery

    • In this free, online game from, girls will care for babies by clicking on them and dragging them to whatever it is they want. They'll start out with just one baby who will "talk" by having an image of what he wants above his head. Girls will click the baby and take him to where he wants to go, which might be for a diaper change, to eat or to play on the rug. After about a minute of caring for the baby properly, another baby will join the nursery. Girls will care for up to three babies and at the end, they'll receive an online trophy. There is no score or timer in this game, so girls can feel free to take their time, though the longer they take caring for a baby, the longer it will be before they'll have another baby placed in their care.

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