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Instructions For Alternators

    • 1). Locate the alternator right below the bottom of the engine. Most alternators are easy to find, but on some vehicles, the alternator may not be as apparent. In most vehicles, the alternator requires some minor lifting of the vehicle to be removed. If this is the case, use a floor jack to raise the front of the vehicle to remove the alternator. Put on gloves then use a wrench to remove the negative battery terminal from the battery to disconnect power to the alternator.

    • 2). Remove the belt attached to the alternator pulley if applicable. The V-belt can be removed by loosening the alternator adjusting bolts along the sliding bracket. This will release any belt tension and make it easy to slip off. For some older cars, you may need to loosen another couple of adjusting bolts with a socket wrench as well as bolts on the pulley to detach the pulley belt.

    • 3). Disengage the electrical connections to the alternator. These connections are usually visible and easy to remove. Some other connections may require moving a red cap to access the retaining nut for the wires. There will also be a plug connection to the alternator located on the back of the alternator's housing. You may also need to remove the bracket bolts. Once all of the bolts and connections are removed and detached, take out the alternator.

    • 4). Reverse the above steps to replace the alternator. Make sure all the bolts are fastened tightly. Ensure that all of the connections are complete and snug. A faulty or loose connection may cause a fire in addition to making the car not start.

    • 5). Recharge the vehicle's battery. The alternator does not act as an automatic battery recharger. If the battery was sucked dry by the bad alternator, battery damage may have occurred. If the battery does not work after being recharged, consider buying a new one. Recharging the battery will prevent further damage to the battery or to the new alternator.

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