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Carolina Springs Academy: We Both Worked!

We sat in front of Little Ceasars waiting on breadsticks and I knew what was going to happen to her this night.
Mothers Day 2002 my daughter, Jessica, was escorted at 3 am to her new home away from home.
It was the worst moment yet I knew at the same time there was now hope.
I had been afraid my daughter would end up dead, raped, or pregnant very soon if I had not acted.
I placed her in a school that I had no idea how it was.
I trusted a stranger on the phone, researched the internet, signed my name to loans.
Yet, I now had hope.
The facility, Carolina Springs Academy, that we placed her in became her home for the next 17 months of her life.
I wrote letters, talked with our family representative, went to the seminars.
I started becoming a stronger person.
I chose to follow the program to the T.
I could have taken her out early.
God knows the pressure in the family with money.
I have done whatever it took to stand for my daughterʼs life including a 13 hour road trip to make PC1 when our flight was cancelled! Itʼs funny to think back now...
when we first started I thought we would never get to the end.
This program has made me a better person not to mention saved a life! The staff at Carolina Springs have been nothing but professional, caring, and on a mission to help the lives of some very lost individuals! I have met some of the most dedicated persons to seeing the best come out of our children from the Director down to the transportation staff.
You all are doing Godʼs work and I thank you for standing for this family! My husband, both my mother and step mother, and sister have done seminars.
My daughter, Justine, both summer camps, and my son, Jake, spent 3 months at Majestic Ranch.
We are enjoying our new family..
whole and healthy!

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