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Overcoming Fear of Closing the Sale

The ability to close the sale is the reason why successful sale professional make the amount of money they do.
If you fear closing the sale such fear will cause you to lose business and never reach your true potential.
The fear of losing the sale is basic and quite normal but it needs to be eliminated so that it is not greater than the desire to win the prospects.
How well do you understand the closing process? The closing process is the means by which you get the prospect to make a decision to buy your product when for an order.
It is important to let your prospect understand the loss of not having your product and the benefits to be derived from such products.
If the cost from the alternative of not using your product, equals or is deemed greater than the investment in your product then the prospect most likely will buy.
It is a good idea to present the steps involved in buying and obtaining your product as well.
Fear of closing the sale may be a result of past failures.
There is no reason for you to go around beating yourself up.
By taking the right attitude toward failure you can have greater success and close more sales.
Rejection when closing is not failure.
You can learn from your mistakes and become better.
Of note, is that if you do not ask for the order prospects will never buy.
You are expected to ask for the order and the objections presented will reveal what you need to do to close the sale.
Finally, you need to practice for by so doing you will be able to conquer your fear.
If you do what you fear it will no longer dominate you.
Whether it be sales or any other activity this is true.
Have closes which you know and have seen worked and use them to close.
With thorough knowledge your response time will be second nature and you will recognize the right time to close.
Your fear of closing the sale will be greatly reduced or even eliminated by preparing adequately, handling objections well using dramatic closes and asking for the order.
Be more successful by overcoming your fear of closing the sale.

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