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How to Find Books to Read for a First Grader

    • 1). Determine the grade level that the student is reading. Comprehension and proficiency is not determined by age, but by skill. Consulting those closest to the child such as a parent or teacher is a good first step to discovering the child's ability. Test the child with books of various levels to find a reading level that provides a fun, yet challenging experience.

    • 2). Visit your local library. Your librarian is an invaluable resource of information on books for any reading level. Inform the librarian of the child's reading ability and interests, and she will be able to direct you to appropriate books.

    • 3). Ask friends with children of the same age what books their children are reading. This gives you a lot of possible titles from which to choose. If possible, borrow books from friends to see whether the child shows the ability and interest in those particular titles.

    • 4). Allow the child's interests to dictate the final decision. Think about the child's hobbies, interests and goals and narrow down the list of possible titles to those that include these areas of interest.

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