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It"s Not Jobs - It"s Vision

As both parties gear up for the fund-raising, candidate-bashing, rhetoric-spewing, issue-spinning foray of the 2012 national election the people wallow - disheartened, wary and more than a little bit confused.
Poll after poll cites "jobs and the economy" as issue number one, but we seem to face a litany of nearly intractable challenges ranging from burgeoning debt to moral decay.
Whether the electorate points to employment, wars, immigration, Islamic fundamentalism, social disintegration, or a host of other national and international problems, the ultimate dilemma confronting and confounding the people comes down to this: lack of vision.
Proverbs 29:18 declares, "Where there is no vision, the people perish.
" Mistakenly however, we, the people, search vainly for answers amongst those least likely to deliver real and enduring solutions: politicians and business leaders.
The solutions we seek, the answers we demand, are not within the purview of government nor are they the function of industry.
The answers we seek are much closer to home.
The bloated bureaucracies of government and government's prime benefactors act deliberately and doggedly to secure their interests.
In a perceived competition for limited resources those with wealth and power leverage the assets they command to secure more.
The system fracturing society has become increasingly arcane and distorted - centralizing wealth and concentrating power with unabashed intensity.
Power and wealth in the hands of the few exacerbates the problem.
This is not how life works.
In reality each individual possesses unlimited power, unless or until he or she forfeits it.
But with power comes responsibility and it seems most people are all too ready to abandon that obligation.
In a distorted system, divisions between "haves" and "have not's" leave the many increasing disenfranchised.
Even the rich and powerful fail to realize that by this deformity everyone suffers - all must endure the pain to right the system.
Dominated by economic concerns: finance, debt service, employment - calamity has, so far, been averted by the US Central Bank's power and proclivity to print money.
Those manipulating the strings of power continue down a path concentrating wealth and reinforcing dependency.
This is not the way life is meant to be nor the way life will be, for long.
Every life is a creative adventure.
Each person is totally and absolutely responsible for the journey he or she celebrates or endures.
Any and every political system that draws power blindly from individuals, whether by way of arrogance (saving citizens from their ignorance and impetuous natures) or fear (trading responsibility for a modicum of comfort and security), is destined to fail.
America rose to preeminence because it was the one place in a troubled world where dreamers could dream and work and believe in something better, richer, more fulfilling for themselves and their children.
America was the laboratory of vision, innovation and personal responsibility.
We have strayed far off course.
Human beings are meant to dream; are meant to create; are meant to achieve.
In a nation that had once championed rugged individualism and self-determination we now cower from the challenge and cry for government to save us.
We, the people, must once again think and dream and believe.
The solutions to all that trouble us, individually and as a nation, are found within.
Politicians and industrialists will not, and cannot, solve your problems.
This is your life - create a vision that is worthy of it.
Believe in that vision and through your commitment to action make that vision real in this world.
"They" are not meant to do this for you.
Only you can make your life full and fulfilling.
Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis

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