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Why Bother With Safelist Marketing?

Safelist marketing has earned a bad reputation, as it is known as free marketing, but let me tell you this - believe it or not - it works!

Ok so most people know Safelist Marketing as 'free advertising' and we all know that free advertising doesn't work - or does it?

Well I can tell you from personal experience that it works really well for me. There are of course some ways that you can improve your results, but it is a really effective form of advertising if done properly.

First of all you need to join as many good safelists as possible. By good I mean safelists that have more than 2000 subscribers and have been around for a while. They should also offer a credit based system. In other words you must be able to earn credits by reading other people's email's. This is the best way to ensure that your emails will get opened and read.

To see good results in safelist marketing, you will need to join quite a few safelists, as some only allow you to post once a week and others once a day. If you have multiple safelist accounts, you will be able to send out emails every day. The more mailings you send out, the more traffic you will get, and if you can you should aim to send out more than 100 000 emails per day for optimum results.

Another important aspect of Email Marketing is the ability to write good headlines. If you write exciting headlines, you will greatly improve your chances of your email getting read. A good headline is half the battle won. Try experimenting with different headlines to see just what types of headlines work best for you. Ask yourself if you would open an email with the headline you just wrote?

As for content, I always try go for short and sweet. If you can edit your content, do so and make it big and bold so that your emails stand out from the crowd. I always only write a few catchy sentences as this as a far better click through rate. Most people haven't the time or patience to read anything, and are just looking for the link to open the mail so that they may claim their credits. The earn credits link should be veiwable on the same screen as the body of your mail as a rule of thumb, as some people click links using multiple tabs on their browsers and they only click the links they can see to save time.

Be careful what you advertise on safelists as not everything works as well as the following::

Free to join programs, Other Safelists, Advertising, as everyone on safelists is looking for ways to advertise better, Splash pages with an opt in to your list.

So if you can't afford to gamble with PPC advertising or high cost advertising, it may be well worth your while to deal with safelist marketing, as with a little time put in, your results can also be pretty good with this method.

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