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How to Turn on the "TV Out" on an iPhone

    • 1). Switch on the Apple iPhone and tap the "Settings" icon on the home screen.

    • 2). Scroll down to the "TV Out" headings in the settings menu.

    • 3). Move the tab beside "Widescreen" to the "On" or "Off" position, depending on whether or not your television set is widescreen.

    • 4). Tap the "TV Signal" link. From the drop-down menu select "NTSC" or "PAL" from the options. Most North American television equipment uses the NTSC standard and most European sets use "PAL." Exit the settings menu.

    • 5). Connect an Apple-approved audio-visual cable to the iPhone and the television set. Switch on the TV set and press the "AV" or "EXT" button on the TV set remote control handset until the screen displays the output from the iPhone.

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