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How to Type on a HTC Touch

    • 1). Navigate to a text-entering field such as the address book or messaging application.

    • 2). Tap the keyboard-like icon located at the bottom of the screen.

    • 3). Tap the arrow icon located next to the keyboard to reveal the keyboard options.

    • 4). Select "Onscreen Keyboard" to reveal the standard keyboard or "Full Keyboard" to make the onscreen keyboard bigger.

    • 5). Use the stylus to tap the letter that you want to type. Type one uppercase letter, by pressing the "Shift" key, followed by pressing the letter that you want to capitalize.

    • 6). Enter a number by tapping the "ALT" key, followed by the letter that corresponds to the number.

    • 7). Tap the "CAP" button to enter all uppercase letters as well as add symbols.

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